Vishneva Joins Film Producer/Ballet Dancer Allyson Tang to Educate and Inspire
LOS ANGELES, Calif. (May 24, 2013) – Acclaimed Russian Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva is bringing her talent, artistry and enthusiasm to children in an all-new educational DVD “AllyCat the Ballet Cat,” set for release on Aug. 13.
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“I am so proud to be a part of it! This video is absolutely lovely and I do believe it will find its way to the hearts of many children worldwide. I love AllyCat,” Vishneva said.
“Children today are often staying home with their computers and video games and not getting the exercise they need and I feel this DVD will inspire them and encourage them to get moving and get active.”
Directed by noted filmmaker Ash Baron Cohen, “AllyCat the Ballet Cat,” also features film producer/ballet dancer Allyson Tang, who plays AllyCat, a superhero for children who joins Vishneva in helping children learn ballet using humor, imagination and comprehensive ballet techniques.
“I didn’t start dancing ballet until I was an adult. My hope is that my story will inspire others to follow their dreams and use their passion to make the world a brighter place for children. It’s never too late to do what you love,” said Tang.
“It was an honor and a delight to work with Diana and to have her perform for us so brilliantly.”
The superstar prima ballerina is known for her work as the principal dancer with the prestigious Mariinsky Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre.
Part of what makes “AllyCat the Ballet Cat” so unique is its talented cast and fresh approach, said Baron Cohen.
“It’s what makes this DVD so special. To have such a great talent perform, but also to have all-new high quality footage for children to learn ballet,” he said.
Most educational DVDs use a stationary camera and stock or dated footage from past ballet performances to show technique. But “AllyCat the Ballet Cat” offers all-new footage geared specifically for young children to learn and perform.
“I’m honored to be part of the team that created a character like AllyCat and a children’s DVD that helps fight childhood obesity whilst at the same time makes the elite art of ballet so accessible to kids from all economic and cultural backgrounds,” said Baron Cohen.
“AllyCat the Ballet Cat” features a group of wonderful, young, multi-ethnic children dancers along with basic ballet technique, ballet language, fun dance combinations as well as captivating solo performances and an exclusive interview with superstar Diana Vishneva. Children will also learn creative stretching, barre and center exercises to increase their flexibility.
By taking on the character of AllyCat, the cat superhero who loves to dance ballet with children, Tang provides an imaginative and entertaining persona that connects with children and parents by showing that children who never heard of ballet can learn and perform many of its basic techniques.
“One of the main reasons we wanted to do this project was because I would meet so many children that didn’t have the opportunity to learn ballet and they desperately wanted to learn,” Tang said.
“It’s unfortunate, but there are many economically-impacted communities where children don’t have the opportunity to learn ballet. So this is our way to share our love of dance and to help them.”
DVD Details:
Title: Ally Cat the Ballet Cat
Studio: Arzura/Ytinifni Pictures
Category: Educational, Dance
Format: DVD/Blu-Ray, Color, NTSC
Release Date: Aug. 13, 2013
Rating: Unrated
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Starring: Diana Vishneva and Allyson Tang. Children Dancers: Kaylani Parks, Talya Marks, Camilla Marks, Isabella Davies and Joshua Horton.
Producers: Allyson Tang & Ash Baron Cohen, Executive Producer: George Nolfi, Director: Ash Baron Cohen, Writer: Allyson Tang & Ash Baron Cohen, Director of Photography: Svetlana Cvetko, Editor: Lauren Connelly, Choreographer: Stefan Wenta, Composer: Michael Roberts, Costume Designer: Maggie Barry, Illustrator: Diosdado Mondero.