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Book NewsBy Esther Callens

A wise man once stated, “Life is full of surprises.” However, they are sometimes good and then sometimes not. For those times when there is a roadblock in your path (something we ladies often run into), help is available. New in print is Traveling Directions For Women – On A Journey Of Recovery, Self Healing And Self Discovery. Written by Sharon M. Cadiz, ED.D, a leading authority and advocate for women’s mental health, Travel Directions For Women offers an insightful, practical guide that can be useful on the road to recovery.
In Traveling Directions For Women, Dr. Cadiz relies on her experiences, as well as the numerous other women she has encountered.  The result is a handbook that can be used for coping with a loss, defeating an addiction and the many other stumbling blocks that deter women from enjoying a happy life. D. Cadiz’s book is divided into chapters. Each chapter consists of a vital insight followed by poetry, quotations and even an exercise that should be used in recovery. Also included are valuable pearls that are entitled roadside tips. “Keep all the essentials close by” (Chapter 13-Red Leather Purse – Holding It Together In Stressful Times) is an excerpt of the priceless words of reassurance/wisdom that Dr. Cadiz offers.  Travel Directions offers an easy to understand self-help guide that may be used solely or in conjunction with other material.
Dr. Sharon M. Cadiz is a clinical practitioner, educator and former administrator for a major municipality women’s treatment facility. Additionally, for over 30 years, she has worked with numerous organizations launching programs that aid women and other worthy foundations. Her work with women in treatment of chemical dependence, domestic violence, trauma and mental illness has been recognized by such organizations such as the National Council of Negro Women. She is a dynamic speaker who was travelled the world promoting personal wellness. She states, “I want to help readers embark on a journey to recovery and healing. Life can be rough. Taking some time for self-renewal is more important than ever.”