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Cash for CrooksCash For Crooks Div. of Refuge In (RITT) Trouble Times Community Development, Inc., PO Box 28083, Birmingham, AL 35228.
During 2012, 59 percent of the 76 reported homicides were shootings: 27 at homes, 8 at businesses, 3 domestics, 3 arguments, 3 blunt force trauma, 1 stabbing and 28 took place in the streets.
The streets around 9 p.m. is where it happened to Cedric Dickerson, age 54 on January 4, 2012, outside of his home in Birmingham, Ala. on Laurel Ave. in the Southwest area. He was shot mutiple times. His personal property was taken. He died later at UAB.  A $5,000 reward is offered for any information concerning this case. Will you help bring closure to his 74-year- old mother and close this homicide file for good? The Crimestoppers number is 205-254-7777.  Please do not give  NICK NAMES. You may also text from your cell phone by texting CRIMES7777. NO ONE WILL KNOW YOUR NAME.
If you have a case that you’d  like featured here, please contact Minister Brenda Paige Ward, founder of RITT at 205-240-9910 or e-mail us at odussasplace@yahoo.com.  We at RITT work with local and worldwide Law-enforcers to help take this and all bites from crimes. Please help us. It take a village to solve what happens in a neighborhood.