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Cash for crooksCash For Crooks div of Refuge In (RITT) Trouble Times Community Development, Inc., PO Box 28083, Birmingham, Al., 35228 share the story of Justin Kindred.  On August 18, 2013 he was found in a car shot at 44th Place North and 8th Avenue Alley in Kingston Project.  No one to date has been arrested for his murder.  As of today, September 23, Birmingham has had 53 homicides,  46 of them were males, 7 were females, 1 death caused by stray bullet and 5 victims were minors.  We need help from you in solving this and other cases like these.  If you or anyone you know have info on either of the cases found in Cash For Crooks files, call 205-254-1764 or Crimesstopers @205-254-7777.  Pease DO NOT USE NICKNAMES but be detailed; if an arrest/conviction is made you may be rewarded for the tip.  NO ONE WILL KNOW YOUR NAME.  RITT works with local and state wide law-enforcers to help our communities be a safer place to live, please help.  If you know of any case that needs spotlighted, contact Minister Ward at 205-240-9910 or e-mail us at oddussaspace@yahoo.com.   If it takes a village to raise the children; then why not one (1) witness come forth to bring closure to the victims who are hurting from lost of loved ones, friends, parents, etc.  Thank you and God bless you to encourage you in making the call.  Amen.