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Musical NotesBy Esther Callens

Fantastic!!!  I know you are wondering who or what I am speaking of? But if you listen to Go To Orange the remarkable new CD recorded by B’shnorkestra featuring the masterpieces of the extraordinary trumpeter/composer Samantha Boshnack – then the comment is self-explanatory. They are the crème de la crème.
Samantha Boshnack is an amazing talent. This attribute shows in her compositions and performances.  Therefore B’shnorkestra is bound to be entertaining. But it is more than that as it surpassed any perceived expectation – ultimately amazing.
The title track, “Go To Orange”, is a mellow mid tempo piece that climaxes to two powerful solos performed by Tobi Stone (tenor sax) and Adam Kozie (drums).  The percussions immediately draw you into the rhythm on “La Noche Negra.” I might add the strings on this track are on point.
Samantha Boshnack takes center about midway through the album delivering a defining solo on “Zim” which incorporates a measured, intense arrangement.   “Symposium” is reminiscent of a ballad that backs a solid trumpet and strings. “B’shnultimate” is just pure rhythm. The percussions are strong – which are dynamic and highly energetic. B’shnorkestra has delivered some stuff Grammys are of. They have an unconventional style that fans can’t get enough of.
B’shnorkestra is a 14 member alternative chamber orchestra of strings, horns and drums. Guided under the helm of Joshua Kohl, they perform eight of Samantha Boshnack’s original compositions on their latest which was tracked live at Bear Creek Studios. Go To Orange is Boshnack’s debut release under her own name and B’shnorkestra’s first studio album.
Samantha Boshnack is a virtuoso who studied classical and jazz compositions at Bard College. She has performed with David Byrne, Bobby Previte and others. Although she has toured extensively in the United States, she has also performed in Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe.