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A Quest to Know Jesus

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

Man’s power is more limited than he realized, for he has no power unless God gives it to him. Although man thinks he can climb the highest mountain, build the largest and highest buildings and skyscrapers, he really cannot do anything unless God gives him the knowledge and power within himself to believe he can, first, and only then can he start to climb the ladder of life. God holds all the power within Himself.
You may read in Genesis, the 11th chapter, where the people of the land decided they would build themselves a tower to heaven, just as man thinks he is going to do now with his spaceship or whatever he has chosen to name and design his work. God showed the men of the land in Genesis that all power and knowledge comes from Him, and only He decides what He wants to allow man to accomplish in the earth, which the knowledge of God created in the beginning of time on this earth for man. Man has been making his own choices since Adam and Eve in the Garden. They decided to make their own choices, and they were driven out of the beautiful Garden of Eden. Man is about to overstep his bounds now, if he has not already.
The Power of God is incomprehensible. God has built a progressive mind within man and, it was God that said in Genesis 1:26, “Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.” Therefore, God made man to have a will and desire to build, design, and make great things, but God will limit man, when he goes beyond God’s plan for him.
As you can see man has overstepped his limits now, but we believers in Jesus know that God is ready and about to close His chapter in the earth. Are you getting ready to go with Jesus when He comes?