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Liam goes to Hope to tell her that his marriage to Steffy is officially over and that Quinn was the one who sent the video. Rick and Caroline break the good news of their engagement to Eric and Brooke. Knowing that Liam knows the truth about the video, Quinn and Wyatt prepare themselves to do some damage control with Hope. Feeling betrayed by Wyatt, Hope confronts him and Quinn about their manipulation. Tensions rise between Bill and Katie when she refuses to allow him to see Will before the Aspen trip with Brooke. Wyatt comes clean to Hope about his knowledge of the video but doesn’t apologize for her learning the truth about Liam’s actions. Quinn confronts Liam about running to Hope about Wyatt’s involvement with the video getting into her hands. Hope sets Liam and Wyatt straight about their places in her life. En route to Aspen, Brooke becomes concerned about Bill’s new defiant attitude towards Katie. Hope is a voice of reason to Katie in regards to the possibility of repairing the broken Logan family in the near future. The Hope for the Future Diamond makes its debut in front of a full crowd at the Forrester Creations boutique. Pam sparks the interest of the security guard, Charlie, who’s been hired to protect the small wonder. Still stewing about Katie’s recent actions towards him, Bill has a difficult time enjoying himself on the Aspen trip with Brooke. Katie is accompanied by Hope to a doctor’s appointment when she is given news about the current state of her health. Proud of Quinn’s plan with the diamond, Wyatt is determined that it will garner Hope and Forrester Creations the attention that they deserve. Liam goes to Katie about what she has been putting Bill through and points out that Spencer Publications and her family are paying the price. Katie’s attitude towards Bill begins to soften after thinking about Will’s future without his father.
THIS WEEK: Wyatt and Hope prepare for a private event at the boutique featuring the Hope for the Future Diamond. Bill and Brooke embark on a life-changing adventure on the cliffs of Aspen.

Jennifer is devastated when she believes Daniel slept with Theresa – not knowing he’s protecting her son. JJ makes a surprising decision. Gabi continues to bond with Cameron – much to Nick’s dismay. Jordan realizes Kate is not giving up on digging into her past. A desperate Nicole attempts to clear her name with Eric. EJ blackmails Lucas! Sami is touched by Brady’s special request. Cameron and Chad fight over the Abigail situation. Meanwhile, Abigail is determined take back control of her life. Brady is baffled when Eric unleashes his fury at his step-brother for keeping Nicole’s secret. Sami confronts EJ about blackmailing Lucas – and has a surprising reaction. As Chad prepares to leave for Boston, Abigail breaks up with him. Will departs for Berkeley – but not before he asks Cameron to keep an eye on Gabi. Kristen is stunned when she realizes exactly why Eric is angry with Nicole. Marlena makes a shocking discovery in Daniel’s office! Maggie confronts Victor about his secret meetings with Marlena. Daniel continues to cover for JJ but suffers the consequences. Later, someone overhears Daniela and JJ and learns the truth! Kristen interrupts Marlena just as she gets her hands on the coveted flash drive. Nicole reveals to Daniel her love for Eric – and relays the shocking allegations he’s made against her. Jennifer is taken aback when she finds JJ in an unexpected place.
THIS WEEK: Victor weakly defends his actions. Eric continues to make Nicole’s life miserable.

Patrick is left uneasy after his conversation with Nikolas. He is poised to walk into the exam room where Robin is. Robin has an emotional outpouring about how much she misses her family. Duke finds Faison behind the wall and can’t understand why Anna isn’t doing more to get him to the police station. Britt and Elizabeth tangle over Nikolas, and Britt suggests what happens between her and Nikolas is none of her business. Tracy and Luke return home. Luke reveals he meant it when he said he wanted to explore a relationship together. Sonny is preparing to make a move against Derek when he’s paid a visit by D.A. Lazaro while someone is listening in. Derek tasks Morgan with a mission. Franco misinterprets the nature of Derek and Morgan’s meeting. Sonny makes his plans to take care of Derek as someone listens in. Carly finds Diane and Franco together and believes she’s seeing further evidence of a secret sexual relationship between the two. Carly informs Franco that she’ll be at the opening. Sam pays Ava a visit while Silas meets with Kiki and suggests that Ava is up to her neck in illegal dealings. Scott and Lucy’s plan to do their civic duty is disrupted by a surprise appearance from Heather. D.A. Lazaro believes that he has discovered something to use against Scott. At Ava’s gallery, Diane crosses her fingers that the real artist behind Franco’s new series never learns that he appropriated them to his ends – just as the real artist slinks in. Ava doesn’t think Derek should show himself at the gallery party. Michael protects Kiki. Olivia witness Morgan hand Scott something. Scott puts his acquisition to good use. Will a moment of celebration lead to a kiss for one couple? Franco tells Carly he witnessed Derek and Morgan in a compromising position. Heather arrives early to the art show and is shocked at what she sees. Sam and Silas agree to go on a date to Franco’s art show. Sam detests Franco but is curious about what she perceives to be his decision to donate the profits to leukemia research.
THIS WEEK: Sonny’s declaration leads to another surprising announcement. Custody fight for baby Connie begins and the gloves are off from the very beginning.

Adam ponders his next move and is haunted by the memories of the accident. He bumps into Sharon and Faith who are passing through Chancellor Park. When Sharon can tell something is troubling Adam, he tells her about the transplant that Connor received from Delia. Jack rallies the Abbott family together in order to reach out to Billy. Billy arrives to find Jack, Traci, Kyle, Abby and Summer waiting for him. When his family’s support is too much for him to handle, Billy goes to leave just as Ashley arrives at the house to surprise everyone. When Billy tells Ashley that he needs to leave, Ashley reminds him that they all need each other. Fen is forced to tell Christine that he was high on drugs when Carmine was murdered and that he doesn’t remember the rest of the evening. Nick agrees to go riding with Sharon and Faith. While Faith is upstairs getting changed, Nick asks Sharon how she is doing and if she’s back on her medication. Sharon tells Nick that she has a new prescription and is feeling much better now that she is taking her pills. Avery blasts Nikki for dragging her into her secret about being Dylan’s mother. As their discussion gets heated and Nikki tries to explain her side of the story, Victor interrupts and asks why Nikki is updating her will. Nikki maintains that Avery was just helping her to make some updates. When Victor leaves, Avery tells Nikki that she would rather get disbarred than hide this secret from Dylan. Paul and Christine continue to search for evidence in Carmine’s murder. They discuss if it’s possible that Michael is covering for Lauren. Later, Fen takes matters into his own hands! Victor confides in Nick that he is worried about Nikki. Later, Victor meets with his P.I. and tells him to find the person that hit Delia. Meanwhile, Paul tells Christine that they have a shard of plastic from a headlight that Alex thinks may have come off the car that hit Delia. Paul realizes that there is a serial number on the piece of plastic from the headlight.
THIS WEEK: Billy opens up to Ashley. Paul urges Michael to tell the truth.