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Book NewsBy Esther Callens
K. A. Tucker’s (One Tiny Lie: A Novel, Allegiance) latest in print offers an absolutely splendid read. Ten Tiny Breaths is a wonderful tale of revelation, romance and redemption. Newly nominated in the romance category for The Goodreads Choice Award For Best Books, Ten Tiny Breaths presents a cast of breathtaking characters.
Four years ago, Kacey was a happy teenager.  However, that was before a moment in time changed her life forever.  When Kacey is left the only survivor of a drunk driver car wreck that killed her parents, best friend and boyfriend – she is devastated. She is broken physical and mentally and her life takes a downward spiral. Hoping to make a new start, she and her 15- year- old- sister, Livie, moves down south to escape the discomforts that Michigan has to offer.
In the beginning, life in Miami is a struggle but Kacey is an elitist in survival. She quickly realizes that relocating has a lot to offer. Perhaps too much, once she factors in Trent.
Trent is Kacey’s next door neighbor. He has the good guy/bad boy look and it wears him well. Trent is proving to be a major distraction for Kacey. Not wanting to disclose her shattered past, Kacey is determined to keep everyone at arm’s length.  Likewise, Trent is attracted to Kacey and he will/did do everything to break down the barrier that’s blocking their relationship. Life plays a sweet melody for this couple until Trent’s secrets are exposed. Now that the relationship is vulnerable, Kacey must find a way to heal lest she spiral further into despair.
Ten Tiny Breaths is the ideal romance novel. K. A. Tucker eloquently displays life’s joys and pains in a realistic fashion.
K. A. Tucker surprisingly at six years old wrote her first book with her school librarian’s help. She has since authored numerous Young Adult and Adult titles.  She, her husband and daughters makes Ontario home.