On Saturday, November 2, 2013, members of Magic City (AL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, gathered for a luncheon to celebrate 20 years of “friendship and service” to the Birmingham-Jefferson County community. The event was held at The Club, where the Magic City Chapter was chartered in 1993 by then National President Marion Schultz Sutherland, Chapter Establishment Officer Marion Ridley Sweeney and Southern Area Director Katie Bell.
A Friendship Ceremony led by chapter president, Charletta T. Sheehy set a celebratory tone for the event, which was chaired by Connie Sheppard Harris. Deidra Perry served as Mistress of Ceremonies, and members Connie S. Harris, Deborah B. Walker, and Margaret Z. Beard participated in the program as well. A photo presentation by Donna Lawson brought memories and laughter to the crowd.
Charter members in attendance included: Adriene Balton-Topping, Margaret Z. Beard, Diana T. Chambliss, Connie Sheppard Harris, Bettye Warren Mitchell, Charletta T. Sheehy, Sharon Spencer, M.D., Juanita Jordan Vann, Deborah Byrd Walker and Michelle Williams-Bridgewater.
Joining in the celebration were members inducted  from 2000 – 2012: Stacy Haynes-Nelson, M.D., Sandra Z. Harris, Gloria Jemison, Nichelle Gainey, Joyce P. French, Cheri Gardner, Terri Gardner, Merika Coleman-Evans, Adrienne Royster-Bell, Mary B. Williams, Melissa Howard Smoot, KeAndrea Stephens Jones, Donna R. Lawson, Lila E. Hackett, Belinda J. Hall, Karen Winston Fox, Barbara Regan, Marguerite Johnson, Nena Moorer, Cecilia Crenshaw, LaJuana Bradford, Deidra K. Perry and Brandi Rudolph Bolling, M.D.
Alumni members honored for their service to the chapter included Willa R. McGlothan, Margaree Martin, Juanita J. Balton and Sara Myers.
Guests included Connecting Links Leonard Smoot, Cleophas Vann, Frederick Bolling, Clifford Hall and Reverend James Myers. Also Ms. Diane Rudolph.
The Links, Incorporated founded in 1946 is one of the oldest and largest volunteer service organizations for women who are committed to enriching and ensuring the culture and economic survival of African American and persons of African ancestry. The Links, Incorporated has membership of over 12,000 professional women of color serving 272 chapters in 42 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
Through its philanthropic arm, The Links Foundation, Incorporated, the organization has contributed more than 24 million dollars to charitable causes since its founding.  Links have contributed 1.2 million documented hours of volunteer service during the 2006-2008 biennium, to assist communities throughout the United States and developing countries in Africa.