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A Quest to Know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

Are you thinking, what thief?  Do you not wonder why thievery is on an increase?  Could it be that parents are not doing their duties in training their children in their proper stages, at the appropriate age?  Basic teaching and training are crucial. My mother and father reared 13 children. I am the 12th. Not one has ever committed a crime of any sort, and I know of others in the same pattern. You may be thinking that was long ago – well, not really. There are many more opportunities for jobs now than when I grew up, as well as affordable financial help to train for opportunities. So what is the problem? The “key” ingredient is far too many have set their only hope aside, and His name is JESUS.  Of course, that is your choice.  Nevertheless, I want to address why I chose the topic “the thief comes.”
The thief is your enemy, and his name is ‘Satan,’ and he comes ONLY to STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY. [John 10:10]
You may be thinking, how does he do that, and  if you are thinking that, may I show you his tactics – and that is, he comes to STEAL. He steals your time, by showing you many activities to involve you. He traps you into thinking you can work your way into the Kingdom of God, by participating in those activities. Then he KILLS you spiritually, by diverting your attention from reading, studying, and meditating on the Word of God, which is the only way you can learn how to live the Christian life. Next and the finally stage is – you will be ultimately DESTROYED, unless you soon awake and repent. Your enemy and mine knows how to keep you involved with, and in WORTHLESS activities, in order to destroy you. You must remain determined to watch, and stay in close fellowship with your Everlasting Saviour Jesus.