Cash for Crooks Gives Back

Cash For Crooks Div. of Refuge In Trouble Times Community Development, Inc., PO Box 28083, Birmingham, Ala., 35228.
Our give back was Monday, December 23, at the Harbert Center, 2019 4th Avenue North in downtown Birmingham.  Representative Roderick (Rod) Scott was our keynote speaker and Minister Treman Muhummad of the Mosque 69.
There were 96 people in attendance to receive gifts from 7-year-old Yana Davis. Yana (6 at the time) told her mom in October when asked what she wanted for Christmas:  I want nothing for Christmas, just give my gifts to all the children who have lost their parents through violence. Her mom Asley called RITT and the world pulled together to make her prayer gift come true.  Many children with their grandparents or moms came out. There were more than 1500 gifts that were given away. Santa came in around 7:30; the children cheered, shouted, taking pictures, and telling Santa what they wanted. It was a night for the children to remember a lifetime.
RITT works diligently with Law enforcement to help solve cold case files. One case was Jeffery Burke who last week when arriving home was gunned down as he exited his car. If you know anything about this or any of our cases here, please call 205-254-7777 or text CRIMES7777.  NO NICK NAMES PLEASE. You will recieve a cash reward for the info if it leads to an arrest/conviction. RITT would love to help you, our readers, stop crime where we live.  Email your story to or call Minister Ward at 205-240-9910. Thank you for all your support. Remember have a safe, blessed and prosperous Holiday season for 2014.  Reality is, when it happens to you, don’t let it happen before you get involved.