Bessemer City Council Highlights

BessemerDuring the Bessemer City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, the Council:
•    Approved the minutes of the Jan. 21, 2014 and Feb. 4, 2014 City Council meetings.
●     Heard and approved the cost report for weed abatements at 2820 Fifth Court North, 2710 Sixth Avenue North and at 127 Houston Drive.
•    Approved the abatement of weeds at 2130 Exeter Avenue, 2117 Exeter Avenue, 909 Exeter Avenue, 1509 10th Avenue North, 1899 Fourth Avenue Southwest, 1835 13th Street North and at 1924 13th Street North.
•     Approved the condemnation and demolition of properties at 255 Black Avenue, 257 Black Avenue, 1517 14th Avenue North, 1630 17th Street North, 2111 15th Street North, 2317 10th Avenue North, 2914 Berkley Avenue North and 3207 7th Avenue North.
•    Approved the rezoning of property at 1409/1415 Seventh Avenue North from R-3, Single Family Residential to C-3, Community Business District.
•    Approved a 25 percent discount for the Greater Alabama Council Boy Scouts of America to use the Bessemer Civic Center for its annual Cherokee District Mayor’s Breakfast on March 5, 2014. The organization serves over 950 youth in West Jefferson County.
•    Authorized the Mayor to enter into an agreement between the City of Bessemer and the State of Alabama, acting through the Alabama Department of Transportation, for traffic signalization upgrades on 18th and 19th Streets North.
•    Authorized the Mayor to enter into an agreement between the City of Bessemer and Digital Assurance Certification, LLC (DAC) for SEC post-issuance compliance services.
•    Authorized the purchase of eligible investments of monies in the Series 2013-A Warrant Construction Fund Balance.
•    Voted to amend and restate Warrant Ordinance No. 3505 authorizing issuance of General Obligation Warrants Series 2014-D.
•    Authorized the Mayor to enter into an agreement between the City of Bessemer and A.G. Gaston Construction Co., Inc. for construction management services on the new city hall building and the new recreation center.
•     Authorized payment to Revenue Discovery System (RDS) for administration of taxes received directly from the One Spot System.
•    Passed a resolution authorizing the expenditure of funds from the Council District 1 Capital Improvements Line Item in the General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-14 for Unity Day in the City of Bessemer.
•    Approved a Civic Center refund in the amount of $200 for cancellation of an event by Millicent Lindsay.
•    Approved payment of invoice to Kellum, Wilson and Associates, PC in the amount of $1,725.
•    Approved payment of Invoices #1 and 2 for December and January ATRIPS Round III for Fourth Avenue Southwest, Dartmouth Avenue and McAshan Drive in the amount of $7,113.61 to Volkert, Inc.