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BessemerNotes from the Bessemer City Council’s Feb. 4th meeting.
•    Approved the abatement of weeds at the following properties: 231 Alabama Street, 212 22nd Street North, 1614 9th Avenue North, 2124 8th Avenue North, 1609 Fairfax Avenue and 2101 Dartmouth Avenue.
•    Granted 30-day extension for weed abatement on property at 4021 Dusty Lane.
•    Passed a resolution authorizing an offer to be made for property at Fourth Avenue North and 17th Street.
•    Authorized payment to EEFS Company PC in the amount of $20,112.50 for engineering work done on various projects in the city.
•    Authorized payment to EEFS Company PC in the amount of $3,061.75 for December 2013 for work performed on the 18th and 19th Street Traffic Signal Upgrades as well as the ATRIPS Bridge Design.
•    Opened bids for two monitor/defibrillator units for the Bessemer Fire Department, but rejected the bids because one of the bids did not have a bond and the other was received unsealed. The equipment will be rebid.
•    Authorized the expenditure of funds to be paid to the designated beneficiaries of eligible retirees of the City of Bessemer.
•    Authorized payment to Cavanaugh Macdonald Consulting, LLC in the amount of $8,395 for the Sept. 30, 2012 actuarial valuation of the Health Care Plan of the City of Bessemer.
•    Approved the vacation of a portion of Circle Heights Alley currently on the property of Faith Memorial Chapel LLC, 600 9th Avenue Southwest.
•    Authorized payment to Jackson Harris P.C. in the amount of $5,601.27 for October 2013.
•    Authorized payment of invoice to Jackson Harris P.C. for the month of November 2013.