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Book NewsBy Esther Callens

To survive in today’s hopeless times calls for treading in your well of confidence.  This may seem arduous but help is available through Bishop Terry O. Burrell, Sr.’s new booklet.  Faith To Keep You Sitting On Top Of The World, its title, offers an encouraging word that can help you sustain during valley experiences. Divinely inspired and based upon sound biblical doctrine, Bishop Burrell’s work presents a compelling faith boost  – something all can benefit from.
Faith To Keep You provides in detail what it means to truly walk by faith. Bishop Burrell explains that through belief in Jesus Christ, divine revelation is given through the Holy Spirit.  Therefore during trials and tribulations, faith walkers experience an inner peace that allows them to rest on God’s promises. Bishop Burrell’s mini book is a valuable weapon of warfare to use against the enemy. His powerful message is a testament to what God can do.
The founder and Pastor of By Faith Ministries International, Bishop Terry O. Burrell, Sr., is a native of Leeds, Alabama. He is also a senior sales consultant at Crown Nissan in Hoover and in 2012 he was the Salesman of the Year. He was also featured in the first issue of The LISA Magazine. Bishop Terry Burrell can be heard weekly on his By Faith Radio Broadcast on WAGG 610.  Faith To Keep You Sitting On Top Of The World is his first published work.