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A Quest to know God

Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp
Ms. Henrietta Tripp

Life is filled with much frustration and anxiety, which evolves from a desire to have or be what one cannot seem to grasp as easily as he/she might think or hope. Maybe long or short term goals have been misplaced. Maybe life seems to be too conglomerate to be reachable; this too can bring on restlessness, and if not emerged into control can cause an angry spirit, which will result in out of control temper flare-ups. It is imperative that schools incorporate anger management, and debate courses in their curriculum. For self-control, you need Jesus. He will help you. Knowing the Power of the Cross will enable every Christian to have peace.
Greed means excessive desires, which if not quickly brought into control will cause all of the above attitudes, and many more. Greed will cause you to be impoverished in every area of life. It will wreck your personage.
I would like you to expand your thinking in regards to money or things, because greed extends in diverse ways, and that is a strong desire to acquire and possess what is not yours. The word is also covetous, and a covetous person desires what is not theirs, and becomes overwhelmed in pride, and feel they should have what they desire. A prideful person thinks highly of one- self, which leads to getting whatever desired. Scripture says pride comes before a fall, Proverbs 16:18. A man’s pride shall bring him low, Proverbs 29:23. In James 4:1 it tells about how conflicts come. It is imperative that we all turn to the Lord Jesus. You cannot discipline yourself and remain under control, when pressure comes. Only the Holy Spirit can help you maintain quietness in these troublesome times we are now facing, and more to come.
Put your trust in Jesus, and remain prayerful.