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Book NewsBy Esther Callens

It is in the month of May that we pay proper homage our mothers.  In fact – if it was not for God’s grace through mothers, we would not be here.  In My Childhood Days, noted Birmingham native, Patricia Truitt expounds on what mothers’ and Christ’s love really is. It is quite touching.
As a youth, Patricia’s life had some low points. This was in part because of her mother. Although her maternal mother saw to her basic needs being met, a very important emotion was missing.  Truitt states- “Madea would take good care of us. We were clean, fed, dresse(d) and sheltered but one thing was missing…love.”  In short, Madea treated Patricia differently than her other children by always speaking negatively to her.  The reason behind this was she was deeply hurt by Patricia’s father and she took this out on Patricia. However, Madea did send her children to Sunday school and that is where Patricia learned about the love of Christ.
Patricia was always shown love when she went to visit her father and aunts.  What profoundly shaped her was the time she shared with her Grandparents.  It was here that she learned the true love of God-fearing parents. The lessons that Mrs. Essie and Mr. Roosevelt (aka mom and dad) taught her morally set the stage for the rest of her life. It was because of them that she first experienced what a real family was.
My Childhood Days is about love. Whether it is from your mother or a maternal figure, it does not matter.  What’s important is the fact that as a child, it is a much needed emotion. More importantly My Childhood Days is about the greatest love of all – Christ’s.
Patricia Truitt has shared her beautiful testimony through her book. A life anointed and appointed by God to do great things.