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Cash for CrooksCash For Crooks div of Refuge In (RITT) Trouble Times, PO Box 28061, Birmingham, Al., 35228 would like too spotlight the case of Delphine Ash Buchanan age 42.  Thanksgiving Day on November 29, 1996 her body was founded by her brother, James Ash around 5 pm near a wooded area by the baseball diamond of Taylor Park at Gayle and Baltimore Street in Mobile, Al.

When her son heard they found their mother, he ran a few feet from their home to see where she was, only to find her laying beaten to death.  She had three children.

If you have any info concerning this case, please call 205-254-7777or text CRIMES7777 from your cellphone.  You will not have to leave your name. If there is an arrest/conviction you will receive an reward.   Please in your calling, do not give NO NICK NAMES.  RITT works with all law-enforcers to get you these stories in hopes you might have heard or seen something and remember.  If you wish to list a case here, please contact Minister Ward at 205-240-9910 or e-mail at odussasplace@yahoo.com.

Remember, this Invisible Body Bag is alive and well and it’s taking our children lives.  Let’s help prevent this from happening in any of our communities ever again.