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Gary Michael Houston Releases Long Awaited LP


Gary HoustonWhitney Houston’s nephew releases newest album

NEW YORK CITY – Gary Michael Houston, the nephew of legendary singer Whitney Houston, has release his latest independent album, The Collins LP.  Gary Michael is releasing his third album, which features his great grandmother, Elizabeth Collins, on the cover, an ode to family legacy and greatness.
The Collins LP, which is available via iTunes and Amazon.com, marks a turning point in Houston’s career. An 11-track album that features complex stories, metaphors, and fantastic production value, which is produced by Sym Stagger of Continental Music Group, makes this album worthy of the Houston family legacy. Notable features include collaborations with Jonathan Blair Houston, son of uncle Gary Houston.
“Take this project as a Challenge. A challenge to raise your standards and tolerate less of the nonsense and more of the progress…. I challenge you to be better versions of ‘Yourselves’… I challenge you to WORK. I challenge you to be True.. so without further adieu I give to you Collins LP.”
Accompanying the release of The Collins, Houston debuted a short film on Valentine’s Day 2014, The Trilogy, to pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston, his aunt. The film was shot at her estate in Mendham, New Jersey, and bringing more insight into his upbringing and an insider’s view of what it is like to be a “Houston.” The film comprises of the album’s lead singles titled, “The Original”, “Dreams”, and “Holy Ghost”, which can be viewed exclusively on www.GaryMichaelHouston.com.

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