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The Value of a Golf Instructor


NEW LEAD Bazzle Golf_1by Glennon E. Bazzle, “The King of Swing”

Did you know that curiosity is the number one reason why people want to learn to play golf? And even though they may have great intentions when starting out they still run into many difficulties. Some may look to friends or relatives for advice and some even think they can teach themselves. But the values a knowledgeable golf instructor offers are usually the safest, surest, quickest and most economical way to learn.
As a certified golf instructor with the United States Golf Teachers Federation since 1995, I have found that essential golf instruction should include the basics of the swing mechanics as well as the intrinsic aspects of the game, such as emotional balance and mental toughness.
To understand what is happening in the golf swing, you must know the proper parts of the body and the proper sequence in which they move. You must find the right instructor who will teach you this, how to practice golf and how to play the game with a purpose. You must learn and understand that it takes discipline to play well and that discipline is a skill in itself. By setting your sights on a certified golf instructor who teaches those essentials you will meet your goals, and with a little willingness to succeed, you will be able to keep your enthusiasm high and your scores low.