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Lawson State Readies High School Students for Dual Enrollment Classes


Lawson State Community College held an orientation session for 150 students who will participate in the College’s Dual Enrollment Program. The Orientation covered college expectations and provided direction for students, parents and guardians to access and receive information, and to make course selections.
Dr. Sherri Davis, academic dean for Lawson State, said that the dual enrollment program offers college-level courses to high school students who are taught by faculty that meet postsecondary credentials and qualifications according the SACSCOC Faculty Qualifications Guidelines.

Lawson State Community College is one of those colleges within the Alabama Community College System that provides dual enrollment classes for high school students in the Region 4 Workforce Development Board service area which includes all high schools in Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, and Bibb counties. According to Dr. Bruce Crawford, Vice President for Instructional Services, “When students think about getting a jump start on their career interests while still in high school, many of them take advantage of the dual enrollment opportunities at local community colleges.” He further emphasized that students could receive a certificate or an associate degree at the same time that they receive their high school diploma. Exactly what is dual enrollment? Lawson State Community College is authorized to establish Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit programs with local Boards of Education in the college service area. This program allows qualified high school students to earn dual credits for a high school diploma and/or a postsecondary degree. DE permits eligible high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses concurrently with high school courses. “Upon being successful in chosen courses, students will receive both high school and college credit,” said Joseph Hollins, the College’s recruiter assigned to work with all of the schools in the service area.  “This a great way for students and parents to get a jump start on college by earning academic credits that count toward a college-level award.

Another realization is that a student could possibly complete an associate degree by the time he or she is finishing up high school.” Funding for career technical dual enrollment (CTDE) have been authorized through the Alabama Workforce Investment Area under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) In-School Youth funding source, according to Department of Postsecondary Education. These funds are available to the students for fall, spring, and summer terms. The funds will pay tuition, fees, books, and some required materials. Students can take one class each semester (fall and spring) and up to four classes in the summer semester. Other funding options for non-technical courses are provided through some of the local school systems and parents.

Students and parents interested in dual enrollment should contact the college directly by sending an email to HSenroll@lawsonstate.edu.  The process involves completing an application for admission, seeking approval of the school system, and submitting an official form of identification (state-issued driver’s license or non-driver’s identification) to the college.