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Dr.-LewisSerena Williams Claims 18th Grand Slam Win
by Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

Serena Williams proved that she is back and as strong as ever as the American secured her sixth U.S. Open title. Serena Williams blew Caroline Wozniacki away in the final of the U. S.Open, beating her 6-3 6-3. The match was never in doubt as Williams overpowered Wozniacki at one point early in the second set; the 33-year-old Williams had hit 22 winners.
The victory secured Williams’ 18th Career grand slam singles title making her level with Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. Williams is now just four behind Steffi Graf, who holds the all time record with 22 career grand slam single titles in the open era.
It was a disappointing end to the tournament for Wozniacki, who has returned to form after a difficult period in her personal life after breaking up with Rory Mcllroy. But she was gracious in defeat.
The question is how many more tournaments can Serena win in 2015- 2016. She is presently 33 years old and these two years will be crucial years for her; for it’s hard  to win after age 35.

A Bad Day to Play Golf!

Barack Obama going to play golf at the time that the United States was having another major crisis was bad, bad idea, according to the GOP. One blogger said: “If we wanted a golfer to be President we would have elected Tiger Woods.”
This is almost as bad as the man who had set a golf date for 9 o’clock, his wife died and the funeral was to be scheduled the same day. He decided that it takes 4 1/2 hours to play, one hour to change so he set the time for the funeral at 1 o’clock. His conflict was resolved.
It appears that President Obama realizes that whatever he does, the opposition party is going to be critical of his decisions, so he has decided to do what he wants to do.
We must keep in mind that the President works all day and all night, and while he is playing golf, he is surrounded by staff members who are constantly updating him – on every hole; even when he takes his wife out for her birthday. We must also remember that if you are President  of the United States, there is some type of crisis every day, every hour, any every minute.
The last five Presidents have averaged four times each more vacation days than President Obama has taken. The same holds true about the number of executive orders issued by him, as the record shows.
The average Republican will never give any credit to President Obama until after he is out of office at least 10 years.

What Are We Thinking?

The last several weeks we have had Black-on-Black killings, one after the other. It’s sad because those murders are senseless. Not only are they destroying the lives of individuals, and destroying the lives of families, they are destroying the reputation of a whole city. It’s difficult for the average person to understand why these people are killing each other just for the sake of killing.
How to stop this type of thing is beyond my thought processes. I wrote an article many years ago that each 10th grade Black kid spend two hours visiting a prison and have a one-on-one conversation with offenders, similar to Beyond Scared Straight on A&E. This should be a requirement.

Football Picks

If they had to vote today on the top five football teams in America. My pick would be Oregon Ducks No. 1, Oklahoma Sooners No.2, Auburn Tigers No. 3, Alabama Tide No. 4 and Florida State Seminoles/Georgia Bulldogs No.5.