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Farewell to a Great Soldier!


Electra AdamsThere are many great sons of God in the church world today.  Many great warriors standing on the front line declaring truth and challenging the Body to grow and mature that we be no longer babes, tossed to and fro in a world of darkness. Some years ago I had the great pleasure to hear Dr. Myles Munroe on TBN. What he shared that season was so transforming until today we are yet striving for the goal of knowing self. While preparing to minister to a crowd in Europe, he tells of how God led him to visit a graveyard. Strange place for a lesson? Well, having arrived, his question was, as most of ours would have been, “Why did You lead me here?” Dr. Munroe said while he observed the ancient to modern graves the Lord began to speak these words to him, “There are many here who have lived and died, yet never lived at all. They never became who I sent them to the earth to become.”
Dr. Munroe’s word for the Body spoke to the Kingdom of God on earth and the realm and level of dominion that the sons of God were sent here to declare for His glory. He challenged the Body to be very uncomfortable living ordinary lives in the kingdom; to strive for a fellowship with Him that would provoke others with a Holy provocation. But the essence of this all was that nobody can do the extraordinary until he or she knows the God self. Who are you and why did God send you here? What on earth are you here to manifest? On this note, we celebrate his life: one well emptied in earth. Let all who finds himself strive to empty himself of all the Father sent him filled with! Thus, we honor God Himself!
Until next week, let the kingdom of God RISE!  Love one another!