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book_respectarethafranklinBy Esther Callens

Noted author to the stars, David Ritz has released a new account that gives another perspective on one of Rhythm and Blues legendary singers. Respect: The Life Of Aretha Franklin is his latest. Giving an in-depth look into the Queen of Soul’s life, Respect offers a story that goes beyond the glimmer. It is thoroughly revealing.
There are some things to take into consideration when reading Respect. First this book was not written with Ree Ree’s blessings. Franklin wanted Ritz to help write the follow up to Aretha: From These Roots, her memoirs that she co-authored with him in 1999. He in turn suggested that the next book be more open and give readers an intense look at the Diva herself. The Queen did not want any part of this. Ritz, drawing from numerous interviews from Franklin’s collaborators, friends and family members went on to publish Respect. Need I say, it is well known that the Queen does not mince words and she is not happy about Ritz’s tome at all!
Although Respect is an unauthorized bio, it is still an interesting read. It presents the side of the Queen that fans have never seen. From her humble beginning to her ascension to the throne, it provides meticulous details about what makes Aretha – Aretha! Her relationship with her father and siblings, sassy opinions about female entertainers, her marriages, finances, fears – the good, bad and all that falls in between are disclosed. It gives a stunning portrait of the human that she is. Respect paints a picture that few would dare to relate to, but most will understand. After all, she is the beloved Queen and it is her destiny to “Take care, TCB!”
David Ritz is an award winning writer who has written everything from books to lyrics. Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Etta James are just a few of the biographies and autobiographies he has written. He makes Los Angeles home.