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Cash For Crooks Andrew MartinCash For Crooks Div. of Refuge In (RITT) Trouble Times, PO Box 28083, Birmingham, Ala.  35228-0001.

Andrew Martin’s body was found by police, after someone called on February 8, 2013, on the 41st Street North and Messer Airport Highway in a 2001 Honda Prelude.  He had been shot and unconscious sitting in the driver’s seat. No one has giving any leads in this case. His parents needs closure. Think back to this time if you were the person who called; do you remember seeing anything suspicious, if so call Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777. You need not give your name, a cash reward will be given for any arrest/conviction made.  NO NICK NAMES PLEASE.
RITT writes these and other stories to shed awareness on unsolved homicides here in our local and state-wide area. Our police can’t be everywhere, it would help them if we will boycott this “No Snitch” code to help solve this and other cases listed, “will you help?”
If you know of a case or story you’d like seen again, in hopes someone will make the call about email:odussasplace@yahoo.com or call Minister Ward at 205-240-9910.  Let’s help the BPD and Sheriff Mike Hale take this huge bite out of crime to bring closure to the love ones’ hurting and bleeding hearts.      .