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Saturday Play offs

Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.
Dr. Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

Here are my predictions:  Alabama will beat Missouri; Florida St. will beat Georgia Tech; Oregon will beat Arizona and Wisconsin will beat Ohio State.
What all this means is that he position are Alabama No.1; Oregon No.2; Florida State No.3; and Texas Christian University No.4.
I cannot leave an article discussing college football with without mentioning Auburn University. They are a great team. There’s a strong possibility that Auburn should have four or five individuals ready to be drafted by the NFL in 2015.
How in the world they lost four games in beyond my comprehension. I agree with the firing of the Auburn defensive coordinator. Will Muschamp, the University of Florida coach who was fired, is the one they need to go after to take his place.