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Parking Lot
41st Street and 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Parking Authority
WBA Project  No: 14-042

Bids will be received from General Contractors until 2:00pm CST on Thursday, March 26, 2015 and will thereafter be publicly opened and read aloud at the Board Room of the Birmingham Parking Authority Administrative Office, 1732 5th Avenue N, Birmingham, AL 35203.
No bids will be accepted after the time stated for receipt of Bids.  This requirement will not be waived.  The clock in the Board Room will be used to determine the time.  At the time stated above, the Proposals will be opened and publicly read aloud.
All Bids must be on a lump-sum basis.  Submit two copies of the Bid on the Proposal Form provided, without changes, in a sealed envelope bearing the Contractor’s name and current Alabama license number.  Bids that do not bear the contractor’s current license will be returned without being opened.
Construction Contracts shall be awarded only to qualified Contractors, licensed by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors, as required by Title 34, Chapter 8, Code of Alabama. Construction Contracts in excess of $50,000 shall be awarded only to Contractors licensed as required by the 1978 Code of Alabama, Title 34, Chapter 8 as amended. Bidders must be “responsible” in accordance with criteria in the bid documents and as stipulated by Title 39-2-3-(e) of the Code of Alabama.
A bid bond, executed by a Surety company duly authorized and qualified to make such bonds in Alabama, payable to the Birmingham Parking Authority in the amount of 5% of the amount of bids, but in no event more than $10,000.00, must accompany the Bidder’s Proposal. Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds in the amount of 100% of the contract price will be required when the Contract is presented by the Contractor to the Owner.
A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Conference will be held on March 19, 2015 at 2:00 pm CST in the Board Room of the Birmingham Parking Authority Administrative Office, 1732 5th Avenue N, Birmingham, AL 35203.  All General Contractors wishing to bid must be present for the Pre-Bid Conference. If the number of bidders who attend the pre-bid conference decreases so there is little or no competition, others may be allowed to bid or the bid may be postponed at the discretion of the Owner.

Bid documents (Drawings and Project Manual) will be available for examination at the Plan Room of McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge, at the Alabama Association of Minority Contractors, at AGC Internet Plan Room, at The Birmingham Construction Industry Authority, at the F.W. Dodge Company Plan Room in Birmingham, and Construction Market Data in Birmingham.

Two sets of the Bid documents will be provided to each General Contractor at Alabama Graphics for a deposit of $300.00, made payable to the Architect. Deposits will be refunded in full to General Contractor bidders, upon return of all documents in good condition. Deposits will be forfeited if bid documents are not returned within ten (10) days after the Bid Opening.

No Bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for the receipt of Bids for a period of 60 days.  Only Bids submitted by General Contractors licensed as required by applicable State and Local laws and bearing the license number of the Contractor will be considered.
The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids; to waive formalities and technicalities; and to proceed in its’ own best interests.

Kyle Kirkwood
Williams Blackstock Architects
2204 1st Avenue South, Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: (205) 252-9811    Fax: (205) 252-9812

Owner’s Representative/Project Manager:
James Merkerson, Maintenance Supervisor
401 North 20th Street
Birmingham, AL  35203
Phone: (205) 321-7058


February 13, 2015

Prospective Offerors


Video Surveillance Camera Systems
HABD Central Office                                                                                                                Procurement Administrator
1826 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35233-1905

CLOSING DATE:             
March 12, 2015

2:00 P.M. CST

HABD Central Office
Procurement Administrator
1826 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, AL  35233-1905

By submission of a proposal the offeror agrees, if the offeror’s proposal is accepted, to enter a contract with the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District (HABD), to complete all work as specified or indicated in the contract documents, for the contract price and within the contract time indicted in the RFP.  The offeror further accepts the terms and conditions of the RFP.

Proposals must be prepared in accordance with the section entitled “Submittal of Proposal,” and will be evaluated by the HABD.  Evaluation will be based on the criteria within this RFP.

Copies of the RFP, which includes the scope of services, conditions and requirements, may be obtained from the HABD Procurement Office located at the address listed above.  Persons who require special accommodations should immediately contact the HABD Procurement Office at (205) 521-0611.

HABD reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, or any proposal, and to waive any informalities or irregularities.

HABD in accordance with the Executive Orders 11625 and 12138 promotes participation by businesses owned and operated by disadvantaged and historically underutilized businesses.  Section 3 business requirements must also be met.0
A copy of this solicitation is available at www.habd.org under the Purchasing and Procurement Section.  Questions regarding the attached RFP should be directed to the Procurement Administrator, in writing ten (10) days prior to proposal due date.  Questions received after the deadline will not be answered.

Contracting Officer:
Naomi H. Truman, Executive Director


Pre-qualification submittals will be received at the 2020 Building, 2020 8th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233 until 2:00pm local time on March 17, 2015 by the Owner’s Representative/Project Manager, Juan de Onis, on behalf of Office of the Associate Vice President, Facilities & Capital Projects, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the Callahan Eye Hospital Health Care Authority. The original and two (2) duplicates of submittals are required for pre-qualification approval; however, facsimile transmission copies may be transmitted to the Project Manager at (205) 975-7000 to expedite the review process with hard-copies of the submittals to be delivered within 24 hours.



The project, constructed under a single prime contract, will be performed in a single phase in an occupied department, so care will need to be taken to limit disturbances, coordinate shutdowns and follow strict ICRA requirements to protect patients, family and staff.  The scope of the work includes demolition, renovations and improvements to work areas, including mechanical and electrical systems and replacement of lighting and ceilings, finishes, and required ICRA provisions.  All work will be carefully coordinated with Hospital staff to ensure the operation of the facility is not interrupted.  Callahan Eye Hospital location is 1720 University Boulevard, Birmingham, Alabama, 35233.

Prime contractor bidders interested in submitting a proposal must apply for pre-qualification and must be licensed under the Provision of Title 34, Chapter 8, and Code of Alabama, 1975. A copy of current Alabama Contractors license is to be included in pre-qualification submittal.

Only prime contractor bidders who have completed the pre-qualification process and that have been approved will be eligible to submit a bid for the Project.  Prospective Bidder’s Pre-qualification Package must be received by the Owner’s Project Manager no later than 2:00pm local time on March 17, 2015 after which no further requests will be considered.  

Pre-qualification Requirements Information Package may be obtained from the Architect upon letterhead request.

The pre-qualification procedure is intended to identify responsible and competent prime contractor bidders relative to the requirements of the Project.  Each prospective prime contractor bidder will be notified of the results of the pre-qualification, no later than 2:00pm local time on March 24, 2015.

A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the Callahan Eye Hospital at the First Floor Lobby, 1720 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35233 on April 1, 2015 at 10:00 AM CST.

The Owner reserves the right to waive technical errors in applications, or abandon the pre-qualification process, should the interests of the Owner appear to be promoted thereby.

Progress Design and Construction Documents:
Prior to the pre-qualification deadline, project progress plans and specifications may be examined at the following location:

        2 NORTH 20th STREET, SUITE 1610
        BIRMINGHAM, AL  35203
        (205) 326-2206
        (205) 326-2201


After notice to pre-qualified bidders is given, the pre-qualified prime contractor bidders may obtain bid documents for purchase through a DPR site at Alabama Graphics, 2801 Fifth Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233.

Bid documents will be available on March 25, 2015 at the following locations after notice to pre-qualified bidders is given.  Drawings and specifications may be examined at the Office of the Architect; McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge, 3000 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233; at the AGC Internet Plan Room, 5000 Grantswood Road, Irondale, AL 35210; at the Birmingham Construction Industry Authority, 3600 Fourth Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222; and at the Reed Construction Data Office, 30 Technology Pkwy, South, Suite 500, Norcross, GA 30092-2912.

A certified check or bid bond payable to the University of Alabama at Birmingham in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid, but in no event more than $10,000 must accompany the bidder’s proposal.  Performance and Statutory Labor and Material Payment Bonds will be required at the signing of the Contract.


Bids must be submitted on proposal forms or copies thereof furnished by the Architect. No bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids for a period of sixty (60) days.  The Owner reserves the right to reject bids if such action is determined to be in the best interest of the Owner.  The Owner reserves the right to revoke pre-qualification of any bidder in accordance with Section 39-2-12, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended in 1997 (by Act 97-225). Bids will be received until April 9, 2015 at 2:00pm local time at the 2020 Building, 2020 8th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233.

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