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Love Moor to Drop “Blu Polka Dots” EP This Month


By Ariel Worthy

There are many different types of artists in Birmingham. From painting to singing and everything in between, the Magic City is a vessel of creative talent.
Love Moor, 24, is one of the many artists in Birmingham whose bright future can be seen early.
To call Moor a starry-eyed singer with big dreams does not suffice; Moor is going to make it.
Her voice sounds all too familiar. Not in a plagiarism, cliché way, but with the raspiness of Amy Winehouse and with the subtlety and calmness of Corinne Bailey Rae.
Moor, who was born in New York and raised in Miami, says Birmingham is where she became a woman.
Moor has been around music since birth. Her mother, who is Antiguan, came to America to be a singer. Her father was a DJ.
“I was on stage at age two,” Moor recalled.
She recalled being on stage pretending to DJ, like her father, at a young age.
“If I wasn’t a singer, I’d probably be a famous DJ or something,” Moor said.
Moor’s EP, Blu Polka Dots will premiere on July 14.

Describe your musical style: In general it’s more R&B, but an alternative style, with just a tiddle bit of island in it.

What got you into music?: I was born into it. My mom came to America to be a singer; and my dad was a DJ. So it’s just part of me. I was on stage at two.

Who would you say inspires you musically?: As far as present day music, I’m not thrilled with a lot of music, but I do like Sza, Marian Mareba (a Montgomery native) people like that. I’m really into Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Bob Marley. I love him.

What is your purpose for singing?: It’s just life. My content of my music is through life experience. If I wasn’t doing it I feel like it would be like, “Why isn’t she singing?”

When do you know you are satisfied with your music?: I don’t think it’s ever a perfection thing; there’s no perfection to it. I go back and I’ll listen to what I’ve done and get excited about it. I’m like, “Hey, I did that.”

What should we expect from your EP?: It’s really raw. I don’t like to sing about material things; some of my work might open people’s eyes. I want them to receive my testimonials the way they need to because it’s a pretty decent reflection of my emotions. Every song illustrates an emotion or insecurity I’ve had; that’s what the blue polka dots represent. It’s not meant to be a downer, but it’s to bring the music to life.

Moor’s EP, Blu Polka Dot will drop on July 14, with a release party at Frames on the Green that same day.
 Tickets are $7 at the door.