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Is Jay Z and Bey’s Affection Real? A Body Language Expert Thinks The Couple Is Faking It




In an effort to squash divorce rumors which have resurfaced,Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z were photographed engaged in an awkward display of affection while on an Italian getaway for her belated 34th birthday celebration, but a body language expert believes the couple faked the tender moment so that the latest buzz about their marriage will die down.

As RadarOnline reports, in one of the photos, Beyoncé stands on her toes to give her husband of nearly seven years a kiss.



“This kiss is so fake because when you really kiss someone, your head tilts to the side more, which shows intimacy and passion,” body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass said.

Examining the photo above, it certainly seems as if Beyoncé is the one forcing the kiss.

“She is on her tippy toes to kiss him, but he is not leaning down at all to meet her halfway. This is not a good sign,” Glass said. “When they are kissing, look at how Beyoncé is leaning into him, but he is not leaning into her.”

In another shot, Bey has her hands on Jay’s shoulders and he has his on her hips as they both look in the same direction.



“This is perhaps the most obvious photo of them all that this is completely staged,” Glass told Radar Online.

The expert concludes that Jay has checked out of the relationship.

“You can see that Jay Z is not happy with Beyoncé, and he is pushing her away,” Glass said. “Look at Jay Z’s facial expression. He is clearly very unhappy.”

While Bey and Jay are not known for commenting on their personal lives, they are not above dropping hints about their relationship status. You may recall when divorce rumors swirled last year, the couple responded to the speculation by appearing with their daughter, Blue Ivy, onstage at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. After Jay presented his wife with the Video Vanguard Award, the divorce rumors died.

In Touch’s September 9 issue teased a SHOCKER divorce announcement coming from the Carters, but we suspect these PDA yachting pics in Italy pics are the couple’s way of kissing off the divorce rumors yet again.

(Photo Source: Beyonce’s Tumblr)