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More flooding, ice and snow to mark end of epic storm

Dallas Area Tornadoes

By Holly Yan,


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(CNN)Get ready for even more brutal weather across much of the United States.

The epic storm system that has claimed dozens of lives is barreling east, ready to drop ice and heavy snow in the Midwest and Northeast as well as intense rain in the Southeast.

All this comes as Missouri grapples with deadly flooding and North Texas tries to clean up from both tornadoes and snow.

There have been about 43 weather-related deaths in the past week across the country, with the current severe storm system blamed for 25 deaths: 11 in the Dallas area, eight in Missouri, five in southern Illinois and at least one in Georgia. Many died after their cars were swept away by floodwater.

The good news: the mammoth storm is almost finished.

Here’s what to expect across the country:


The rain has ended, but Missouri will still have “major to historic river flooding through early next week,” the National Weather Service’s St. Louis office said.

Flood warnings were in effect Tuesday for 16 counties, including St. Louis County, where the Missouri and Mississippi rivers meet.

Officials said that the Mississippi River has topped a levee north of St. Louis and that the city of West Alton is in the final stage of an evacuation decree. The decree was issued Sunday, and while it remains voluntary, officials are saying the situation is urgent.

Lauren Mueller, a resident of one of the areas affected by floods, said that a park in St. Charles was completely underwater. “Ducks are swimming where my feet were two weeks ago,” she said.

In central Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks reached dangerously high levels, CNN affiliate KY3reported. That prompted officials to open the gates on the 148-foot Bagnell Dam to release 100,000 cubic feet of water per second.

Severe flooding can cause trouble for weeks to come, CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri said.

Four soldiers killed in Missouri flooding
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“We know just by nature of how volumes of water move downstream … it’ll take weeks for the water to work its way downstream and really inundate communities,” he said.

Over the weekend, eight people died in Missouri floods, including four international soldiers temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for training.

A witness reported the soldiers’ car driving onto a flooded road and immediately getting swept downstream, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office said. The names and nationalities of the four soldiers have not been released.

Pulaski County Sheriff Ron Long said flash flooding can be particularly dangerous at night.

“Streams turn into rivers, and people sometimes don’t see the road has flooded over when they are driving at night,” he said.


Dallas-area residents trying to recover from a spate of deadly tornadoes will endure freezing temperatures Tuesday.