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ONE MAN’S OPINION By: Jesse J. Lewis, Sr.

Dr. Jesse Lewis, Sr. is the founder of The Birmingham Times.

40 Bowl Games, No Donald Trump!

It is very difficult for me not to write about Donald Trump.  I have not changed my mind regarding Donald Trump being a complete nut.  Nor have I changed my mind regarding him being President of the United States.

This week I am writing about the most important issues that take place in December and January.  The major issue is football.

We love bowls for one reason:  because they are college football games.  If there were fewer bowl games, there would be fewer football games before the eight-month off-season void.  We welcome bowls of all shapes, sizes, locales and levels of importance.

There are very watchable bowls and there are less-watchable bowls.  There are four things that make for watchable bowls: quality, evenness, excitement and happiness.  You could throw in familiarity and rivalry, but once the game starts, it has to be watchable.

The most watched game will be Oklahoma vs Clemson,, Michigan vs Alabama,, Notre Dame vs Ohio State, Michigan vs Florida and North Carolina vs Baylor.

The least watched games: San Jose State vs Georgia State, Arizona vs New Mexico, and Nevada vs Colorado State.

Now, the results of the top teams in Round One – Oklahoma will beat Clemson, Alabama will beat Michigan State.  At the present time, I have not decided who will win between Alabama & Oklahoma.  I am going to wait to make my prediction after Round One.

The greatest game of the season will be between Auburn and Memphis. The reason why this is the greatest game is because they are coming to the greatest city in the world – BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA.  As always, we do several things when company is coming.

1.     Clean up and Dress UP.

2.     Be on your best behavior.

We want every individual that comes to the City of Birmingham on this great occasion to leave the City with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their life.

We want to make sure that no incidents happen. We will not break into anyone’s car.  We won’t steal the battery from anyone’s car.  We won’t rob anybody.  We will not cut or shoot anybody.

Every citizen in Birmingham should walk up to every stranger and say, “It’s nice to have you in our city.  What can we do to make your stay enjoyable?

I am hoping that there will be no vacant seats in the house for the game.