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Tips to help your child and teacher have the best school year

By Kara Kennedy

Packing lunch boxes. Carpooling to school. Homework. It’s back to school time in Birmingham. How can you help your child and your child’s teacher have the best school year yet?  bhamnow.com has pulled together 12 tips to help you through.

  1. Give the teacher background on the way your child interacts and learns- No one knows better than you your child’s strengths, personality and challenges to learning. Let the teacher know these things up-front so that there is a connection.
  2. Make sure your child gets to school on time and ready for class so that they can understand the day’s expectations and be relaxed about it.
  3. Prepare your child for learning by implementing a family bedtime routine, family breakfast and dedicated study time.
  4. Volunteer in your child’s classroom or school. In the Birmingham City Schools for example, parents can become involved in planning committees, participate in events like Education Week’s parents’ day Nov. 13, help with events, reading programs and serving on an advisory council. In July Dr. Lisa Herring, Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools revealed the Force for Greatness strategic plan for the Birmingham City Schools. The plan outlines four key areas that the school system will focus on for the next five years: 1) Equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in life. 2) Training teachers to be excellent leaders. 3) Increase parent involvement in the city schools and 4) Improve facilities and buildings.
  1. Volunteer outside of the classroom by helping teachers prepare for a class project or field trip.
  2. Keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher. Let the teacher know if there is a problem at home. Also, if you sense a problem in the classroom, you should discuss that problem with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.
  3. Help with school fundraisers or donate to your child’s school. Classroom dollars are always short, so monetary gifts help.
  4. Respect the teacher’s time! You child’s teacher has to give attention to all of his or her students.
  5. Promote school activities on your social platforms!
  6. Support your child’s teacher by making sure homework gets done or by reading and signing important documents sent home by the teacher.
  7. Show appreciation for your child’s teacher. Send an email or hand-written note to thank your child’s teacher for helping your child learn.
  8. Nominate an outstanding teacher or school for these wonderful contests!  The local Birmingham company, Planet Fundraiser, is promoting a ‘Send Teach to the Beach Campaign’. http://www.teachtothebeach.com. Simply go to the link above and enter your child’s teacher’s name and why the teacher is being nominated. Then the teacher will be entered into a contest to win a free weekend at 30A. What teacher would relish a little fresh air and sunshine?

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