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Avondale Students march to ‘Stomp Out Bullying’

Students and staff at Avondale Elementary School today took part in a ‘Stomp Out Bullying’ parade around the school grounds. Student representatives and staff shared an anti-bullying message through words, music and signs as they passed out candy to their classmates and spectators. (KATHRYN SESSER-DORNÉ PHOTOS, THE BIRMINGHAM TIMES)
Kathryn Sesser-Dorné
The Birmingham Times

Today, the students and staff at Avondale Elementary School took part in a “Stomp Out Bullying” parade. Representatives from pre-K to 5th grade — along with cheerleaders, teachers, custodians, and support staff — marched while sharing an anti-bullying message to the 400-plus students at the school.

Schools across the country have marked National Bullying Prevention Month throughout October with activities, education and awareness. The campaign originally began in 2010 in response to the need to advocate against bullying, as it was historically viewed “a childhood rite of passage.” It’s been proven that adults, including teachers and parents, can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it. Working to build a safer environment and creating a community-wide prevention strategy have led to safer, happier schools.

At Avondale, students have decorated their classroom doors to highlight the stance they have taken against bullying in their school. The “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” month-long campaign focused on standing up for others when they are being teased instead of taking part.

A big push has also been to spread kindness, as it’s one of the most significant contributors to a positive school environment. Being kind makes others feel good about themselves, and helps stop the spread of bullying among students.