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Ashley Mills
Compiled by Erica Wright

On Tuesday, November 6, voters get a chance to select candidates for governor; attorney general; county commission, judicial and other races. We asked area residents, Do you plan to vote in next week’s elections?

Joel Caldwell

Joel Caldwell: “Of course I’m going to vote. That’s how you make your opinion known and effect change in the community and you’re doing a good civil service to vote. It’s important because so many people sacrificed so much to get the right to vote and this election greatly affects us all, so it’s important to vote for the best candidate possible.”

Brandy Boone

Brandy Boone: “Yes, I plan to vote. If we don’t vote, we can’t complain about what kind of leadership we have in office and I think it’s important for all of us to do our part and make sure our voices are heard. This is an important election — all elections are — but especially this one.”

Ashley Mills

Ashley Mills: “Yes, because I think it’s very important and a privilege we have as Americans. It’s also important because I know a lot of people feel like their vote doesn’t count, but I don’t believe that and I think that this is our opportunity to let our voice be heard even if our side isn’t the one that is the winner.”

Jared Mills

Jared Mills: “I plan to vote mainly out of habit, because it’s something that I’ve always done since I’ve been registered, but also because the people that are running and the issues they are focusing on directly affects me because I’m in education and so a lot of those issues will affect me.”