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Santos Singh

Some Christmas gifts are expected and some can be a real surprise. We asked Birmingham-area residents, Have you ever received an unexpected gift on Christmas?

Stefanie Blakely

Stefanie Blakely: “Yes, I got a puppy on Christmas one year and my parents surprised me by wrapping the dog bowls and the dog food . . . and when I woke up on Christmas morning we unwrapped the dog food and the bowls and we were like ‘we don’t have a dog’ . . . and then the dog came running in after that.”

Santos Singh

Santos Singh: “Not that I remember. My parents would always get me what I wanted so I expected to get whatever was on my wish list . . . I always knew what I was getting before Christmas would come because I would sneak a peek and figure out what my gift was.”

Keiah Shauku

Keiah Shauku: “I don’t get too many gifts now, I’m a mother so I do more giving than receiving, but as a child I pretty much never knew what I would get for Christmas. Nothing was a big surprise or really unexpected, but I anticipated my parents would get us a gift and it would be the gift that I wanted.”

Lance Simpson

Lance Simpson: “I just recently got an unexpected gift. Last week, my sister-in-law got us tickets to see Jason Isbell at the acoustic show and she called me up and was like ‘I have to give you your Christmas gift early and it’s tickets to this show’ and we were just over the moon excited about it… I was beyond thrilled and I have the coolest sister-in-law ever so that was definitely unexpected.”