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Jamorris Calhoun
Compiled by Erica Wright

It’s been a part of our lives, one way or another, for years, but now it’s not accessible for the next 14 months. We asked Birmingham-area residents, How are you adjusting to the I-20/59 interstate closing?

Dana Ellis

Dana Ellis: “I’ve been trying to take surface roads as much as possible, which slows me down a little bit, but it’s been a fabulous experience because I’m seeing parts of the city that I’ve never seen before. I am worried about the first responders though with the interstate closing, so I hope they have a plan in place or alternative routes mapped out.”

Matt Baker

Matt Baker: “I’ve been depending on Google Maps to get everywhere I go. I just trust my GPS to lead me where I need to go because I have no idea how to get around now since it’s closed, but it’s mostly been taking me on surface streets or around the construction if I do get on the interstate.”

Jamorris Calhoun

Jamorris Calhoun: “Well, it really doesn’t bother me because I live downtown and I also work downtown so I don’t have to get on the interstate . . . I used to work out there with those guys that are building the freeway so I already knew exactly how everything was going to go.”

Melissa Chanslor

Melissa Chanslor: “Honestly, I haven’t really seen any problems. I live down 280 and I expected it to be a big mess and it almost feels like there is less traffic, but maybe because people are coming in earlier or working from home, but I haven’t really had any problems so far but who’s to say it won’t as they continue working on it until it’s finished.”