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Allencia Brown
Compiled by Erica Wright

Family, new clothes, dyed eggs, baskets, food. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is one of your most memorable Easters?

Tiffany Ford

Tiffany Ford: “It would have to be when I was about six or seven years old and being dressed up in all the frilly dresses and the ruffle socks and going to church and then after church going to my grandparents’ houses to eat . . . then changing clothes and going back to the church for the Easter program.

Laura Wise

Laura Wise: “I remember Easter when my grandparents were still alive and they would come visit with us from Huntsville. It was always special because we didn’t see them a lot and so I enjoyed seeing them and spending time with them and showing off my Easter basket. Last year, Easter was kind of special because I went to Israel a month after and it had a special meaning since I knew I was going there.”

Allencia Brown

Allencia Brown: “I had to have been like six years old and me and my brother always dressed alike, I guess that was the trend in the ’90s, but we got a big Easter basket and we got to play with everything in the yard and have our own little private Easter egg hunt and then go to church.”

Donna Collom

Donna Collom: “It would probably be at my granny’s house and we would drive to East Texas where she lived. We would have a great big Easter lunch with ham, potato salad and we would dye eggs and hunt eggs outside, but it was just the time with family that was so special.”