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Compiled by Erica Wright

With most schools now closed, the focus is on summer activities. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What has been your most memorable summer camp experience?

Kenyetta Nelson: “Learning how to swim. That was memorable for me because it taught me a life lesson that I can use to this day and also because in my community, there is a stigma around swimming so I think it’s important to have that skill.”

Tammy Perkins: “Attending the YMCA [in Birmingham] in the summer time and because I got to play with my friends, we went swimming and we went on field trips so those were some of my most memorable summers, at the Y.”

Lydia Zaleski: “I went to a summer camp up in Massachusetts where I’m from originally and it was on this island . . . we would have to take a boat out there every day and my favorite time was when we got to sleep over on the island . . . the kids and the camp counselors would wake up and make pancakes.”

Anna Dennis: “I didn’t go to a lot of summer camps because I always got very homesick but I did go to [one] in Colorado . . . I got very homesick and spent a lot of time with the administrator trying to convince her to let me call my mom and . . . she became a close family friend and my favorite babysitter.”