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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is something that you’ve put off that needs to be done?

Mona Lisa Morris: “Finishing a book that I’ve been writing about helping college students. I’ve been busy doing other projects. I’ve been working with the Building Alabama reinvestment, I’m doing some advocacy work and next week I’ll be speaking at the NAACP Conference… I’ve put it off because I’ve been very, very busy so when my schedule permits, I’m going to pick that back up again.”

Mia Watkins: “Mainly taking charge of my health and fitness as far as working out and being consistent in what I eat and when I work out. Why have I been putting it off? I’ve just been lazy but I do realize that self-discipline is a form of self-love so I need to take that back up and do my thing.

Steven Jacks: “Go to the Lyric Theatre to actually watch a show or something but I haven’t had the time to do that . . . I don’t know what show it would be . . . I just keep putting it off but I guess I need to look deeper into what’s coming. If I see more advertising for shows at the Lyric, then I would definitely try to catch one.”

Hannah Parks: “My weight loss journey and getting healthy and eating right. I’ve put it off because life gets busy and you think of other things you have going on and it’s just the one thing that you just push to the back. If you don’t start today then I guess you never will, but hopefully I can start that soon to become a healthier me.”