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Drew: How to be a Smart, Safe Host of New Year Gatherings

By Samuetta Hill Drew

January 1, marks the end of the first decade of the 21st century in this millennium. A new decade has now been ushered in, but basic safety rules remain the same, regardless of the year, decade, century or millennium. Some good old fashion safety advice continues to be good for the soul as well as your ultimate well-being and those of your guests.

If you are planning on hosting a New Year’s event at your home, please make sure you consider the following safety tips. After all, you want to be a good and smart host/hostess.

Don’t allow your guests to drink beyond their limit and drive. This remains to be the number one rule! Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 is illegal across the country. The amount of alcohol consumption to get to that level depends upon several factors such as how fast one drinks, one’s weight, and gender.

Remember in many states, the host can be liable for damages caused by a driver who leaves your party, so you want to be a smart host by making sure guests have a sober designated driver. Call an Uber or taxi, if necessary. It’s better than the possible alternatives. It may be wise to learn more about the liquor liability for your state.

Another safety tip when hosting a party where alcohol is being served is making sure you have plenty of food. Make sure you serve the types of food which can slow down the absorption of alcohol in the digestive system. This will include foods high in protein such as cheese, meats and nuts. Also have non-alcoholic drinks on hand.

When hosting a party at your home you want to keep your guest list tight. It’s always best to limit your guests to people you know well enough to have them inside your personal space like your home. You don’t want to risk having people who may disrespect your property.

Avoid the temptation of having fireworks at your New Year’s party. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous and lead to house fires or injuries. Remember to check to see if fireworks on your property are legal. Yes, they can be pretty and fun. It may seem like the perfect way for your guests to start the New Year with a “bang” but keep in mind you can be held liable for any damages or injuries to your guests or their pets.

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and New Year’s parties throughout the week can be fun and entertaining, but, as the host it’s important that you Keep an Eye on Safety for you and your guests. Happy New Year!