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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, When do you finish Christmas shopping?

Valerie Thomas: “I’m done except for one gift. I have grown children and for us the holidays are about family getting together so we all go to my parent’s house in Chesapeake, Virginia. My daughter is 34 and she’s a doctor in Boston and she suggested we do one present this year so I got her a pair of Angela Davis inspired earrings… my son wants to start coding so we’re going to get him a laptop and that’s the one thing we haven’t gotten yet so I’m going to pick that up once we get to Virginia.”

Christie Yager: “About a week before Christmas. I normally start the week of Thanksgiving, but it takes me a while to finish because nobody will tell me what they want so I do a lot of back and forth with gifts . . . I ask but they never tell me right then, I always have to go back [to the store] and eventually and get whatever it is that they liked. I have this same problem every year.”

Cameron Overton: “I don’t really do much Christmas shopping but if I do, it’s very last minute like day before or I will make something like some art. I mostly shop for my family, just my parents and closest friends really because my siblings and I don’t do gifts. We have this unspoken rule that we’ve always had to not get each other Christmas gifts because there’s five of us and that’s just too many gifts.”

Emily Farley: “Probably a few days before Christmas. I start a couple of weeks before Christmas, maybe like the first week in December and then finish just in time. I’m mostly shopping for my close friends, roommates and family… I’ve never been that person who starts in like October or November, I just go and do it when I have time.”