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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What steps are you taking to avoid coronavirus or COVID-19?

Miranda Hornsby: “I actually work in healthcare, I’m a physician assistant so I’ve just been mindful of not shaking my patients hands, using a lot of hand sanitizer and washing my hands a lot and being conscious of coming in contact with somebody that’s been sneezing or coughing but beyond that I’m not one of those people going out and buying all the toilet paper.”

Brandi Alford: “Washing my hands constantly, keeping the hand sanitizer with me and making sure I’m cautious when I’m opening up doors. I’ve started using my sleeve and even my elbow to press the buttons on the elevator. I have stocked up on the groceries and toilet paper just in case we have to be quarantined.”

Tamika Colley: “Everything that I usually do which is sanitizing and keeping everything clean, making sure there is food in the house just in case of an emergency and we do have to shut down and I won’t have to be out in the crowd and in all of the chaos.”

Alicia Hutchins: “Disinfecting in my house especially in my son’s bedroom when he comes home from school. He’s 14 but kids tend to carry a lot of germs so I make sure to remind him to practice good hygiene. I’ve been stocking up on the normal supplies like food, cleaning supplies, disinfectants and stuff like that.”