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Civil Unrest Damaged Buildings; Then Local Artists Responded, In Photos

Alabama Theater, 3rd Avenue North, downtown Birmingham (Ameera Steward, For The Birmingham Times)


Plywood surrounding businesses and buildings is the opposite of what most people picture when they think of a thriving downtown, but, somehow, Birmingham managed to take an uncertain moment and make it magical.

Several businesses were damaged during civil unrest last month, reflecting the worldwide reaction to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died from police brutality and others like Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and others who were killed either at the hands of police or by racists.

In the aftermath in Birmingham, residents are lending a hand to clean up and artists are lending their spray paint cans and paintbrushes to make a district dormant from damage and COVID-19 vibrant again.

“Birmingham has proven over and over again that this is a resilient city where people come together to create meaningful change,” said David Fleming, REV Birmingham President and CEO. “The many murals spreading across the plywood covering broken windows downtown is further colorful and beautiful proof.”

Here’s a slideshow of the artwork captured by Birmingham Times photographers:

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