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Compiled by Erica Wright

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We asked Birmingham-area residents, What encouraging words would you give to those fighting breast cancer or survivors?

Julianne Heany: “I would say that it’s a good time to keep family and friends close and make sure you’re taking care of yourself emotionally . . . [those fighting the disease] are probably pretty drained from all of their doctor’s appointments and having treatments… keep your support system around you and ask for what you need from those who support you.”

Traci Roller Romei: “Family and friends are there to support them . . . we are always there for them and supporting them and we love them, and a lot of the community has been there to help them with whatever they need. I had a cousin who survived breast cancer. They are very brave and I can’t imagine going through it myself and I think it is very inspiring what they have gone through… it’s pretty powerful how the families also come forward and help too.”

Kayley Cook: “I just want to acknowledge their bravery and their ability to keep moving forward and encouraging that forward motion and let them know that they are awesome, and they can do it. They are stronger than they think they are, and they can get through this fight and everything will be okay.”

Shecovia Dismuke Moore: “I would tell them to stay strong and keep the faith. Know that something greater is coming. There are a lot of efforts going on around the city, state and even the country to support women with breast cancer or who have had breast cancer and to find a resolve and a cure and hopefully we will have a cure soon.”