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Compiled by Sydney Melson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What is something you need done, but have been putting off?

Michael Etwaroo: Taking care of myself. I volunteer at the crisis center here in Birmingham, and then I work at [an area hospital] in their psychiatry department, so I take care of the psych kids there. I take care of so many people that I focus on them and not me . . . I want to be outside more, and it’s hard with COVID, but I also want to travel. I want to go to New Zealand because the geography over there is gorgeous.”

Brelan Alexander: “Progressing in life and becoming self-sufficient. I’ve been putting it off for about three years. Sticking to the things I said I’m going to do, loving myself and loving other people. I think seeing things get better, being surrounded by positive people and positive energy will motivate me.”

Kenley McCombs: “Connecting with my family. It’s a really important [during the pandemic], but I’ve been avoiding it because I’m scared of the rejection, like them not wanting me back. I’ve been trying to reconnect for about five years. [I had an incident with my family] . . . I want to see my little brother, he was the light of my life. He was my everything, so I can’t wait to see him.”

Tiana Davis – “I have a [cosmetics] business, but I’m not doing it like I should. I’m finding other things to do instead like spending time with my family. For my job, part of it is remote and sometimes I work [in Birmingham], so I’ve got so many things going on that I just push it to the back. I plan on getting back to my business soon though, it motivates me when I actually do it and see the outcomes and seeing the impact it has on people.”