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Compiled by Erica Wright

We asked Birmingham-area residents, What words do you live by?

Shea Doriety: “‘Everything happens for a reason.’ I live by that phrase because I think everything that happens to us in this life is for a purpose, it might teach you a lesson you never learned or make you expand your thinking … I just believe everything happens for a reason and no matter what that reason may be, things always work out in the end.”

Kim Jackson: “’Integrity, love and positivity.’ I think everybody should have some integrity and truth in their everyday life; love, it may be cliché but it makes the world go round and positivity because we’ve had a tough year [in 2020] and I think that if you can remain positive then great things can still happen. [Those three words] makes me who I am. If you always look at life with integrity and love then you don’t ever have anything to worry about.”

Angela Hardwick: “’Truth, honesty and treating others with respect’ because that’s the way I want to be treated. I live by those words because I think that’s the pattern we should all live. If we love one another, we will treat each other with truth and respect and ultimately we will create a better world … I try to live with an honest and pure heart.”

Katharine Fesperman: “’Enthusiasm, joy and drive.’ You have to be enthusiastic about things no matter what it is; joy, because it is a choice to wake up and choose joy and find joy in everything you do; and then drive, because that’s how you get anything done and that’s your work ethic and I think it is very important to be driven or passionate because that’s how you get what you want out of life.”