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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, Should college athletes profit off their likeness?

JINEL PATEL: “College student athletes should get paid for their name because those students go through a lot, they have to manage the expenses, the living . . . they should be paid to encourage them even more…to support them, so that they will be much more enthusiastic in pursuing what they really want to do.’

JOSEPH BODKIN: “I don’t think they should be paid for it. I think, a single mom with four kids, who’s trying to make her way through school…they’re the ones I think need the money the most.

CLARA ROMINGER: “They’re spending all this time when they could be making money and they’re instead not getting paid, so I think they should be able to get paid . . . Not only are you putting in all this time and effort and it’s not benefiting you financially, but [the school].”

MAGGIE RICHARDS: “[Yes]. It takes so much time and effort for these student athletes throughout their week . . . they’re, training, and that’s just as hard as working a five-to-nine job. It gives people opportunity . . . to make money off something that they’re really good at and passionate about.”