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Compiled by Haley Wilson

Summer will be winding down soon, so we asked Birmingham-area residents, What’s your favorite season and why?

ANTONYAH DUDLEY: “Summer, mostly because I like sports and that’s where a lot of them are going on.  I just like being outside, and spending time with my family and going to barbeques. [When it’s warm] I can get some AC or some cold water, but [when it’s cold] it’s putting them layers on and having to take them off…it’s just a lot harder.”

EILEEN BRETHEN: “Spring, because after the long winter it just gives you something to be excited about and it’s warm again and you’re not freezing, and it looks beautiful outside. I really am looking forward to it next year because it’s just a peaceful beautiful time. I love how nature is during that time, we get a little rain, but it is still gorgeous.”

THERESA HUNTLEY: “Fall, because it’s just that late season and you can wear anything. You’re calm… you’re cool…you can have short sleeves, long sleeves. I can wear my boots and I can still wear my sandals . . . fall, I think it’s pretty much everybody’s favorite season, probably because of football, but it’s just that late that season and I can watch the leaves fall and turn orange and brown.

EMILY DENNIS: “Summer because I get to spend time with my friends outside, and I love going to the pool and eating on patios at restaurants and it’s really fun. Summer is just a time for most people to be free and enjoy themselves . . . so many memories are made in the summertime.”