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Compiled by Haley Wilson

We asked Birmingham-area residents, which holiday over the next 3 months are looking forward to most?

LAYLA PETTWAY: “Thanksgiving because I’ll get a week off as student at UAB to spend time with my family, and I can’t wait to see them. I’m from Mobile and half of my family is in New Orleans and the other half is in Mobile. So for Thanksgiving I used to go to my dad’s house in Mobile and then when we would go to New Orleans because we would have Gumbo or my grandma would make a turkey but with a special type of Cajun seasoning . . . I get the best of both worlds.”

LAUREN SANDERS: “Halloween. It’s really like my thing and I get all into it. I have always been really into Halloween since I was little and it hasn’t changed. I typically throw a really big Halloween party with my family and friends and we would all watch scary movies and do some cool Halloween games like carve pumpkins I always try to be creative as I can with my costumes because that’s just how I am. We’ll see what I’ll be next month.”

SIERRA OAKLAND: “Christmas because I can go home back to Georgia and see my family and get gifts and give gifts. I have a big family. So normally on Christmas Day, we used to go to the movies. Then, of course open gifts … and then the day after Christmas, I go to my dad’s side of the family in Tennessee … I’m just looking forward to the colder weather and Christmas music.”

AMETHYST LOWENS: “I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because It really makes me happy. It’s honestly one of the best times for my family. I know people usually say Christmas, but I don’t have the most traditional family. We eat different things like ham instead of turkey…sometimes duck. It’s not all the way completely different, but it’s definitely not what everyone would typically eat at Thanksgiving.”

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