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Ramsay High’s Naomi Smitherman Signs Letter of Intent with South Alabama

For The Birmingham Times Ramsay High School Senior Naomi Smitherman Friday signed a letter of intent to play NCAA Division I basketball with the University...

The campaign has specifically targeted millennial African-Americans

By Kevin O’Leary The American Prospect The hill country of northern Alabama holds one of the keys to next week’s special election that will decide if...

Civil rights will ‘evaporate’ under Jeff Sessions, Birmingham NAACP says

By Monique Jones The Birmingham Times Civil and voting rights advances would “evaporate” if Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, said officials...

Sketches # 1456

Sketches # 1456  by Senator Hank Sanders ******************* I wonder why the end of slavery is not celebrated annually in these United States of America? I wonder...