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Drew: Staying Cool during a Power Outage

By Samuetta Hill Drew

There is one thing that has been consistent for a few years now and that is the weather in our region changes quickly at times and is often unpredictable. Therefore, hot days may still be in our near future, so knowing how to cope and stay cool during a power outage remains important for this as well as future summer seasons.
Staying cool during a power outage is extremely crucial to one’s health. Last week’s article began identifying various ways on how to remain cool. This week’s safety article will continue to expound on that topic.

Cooling safety tips:

• Take a tepid shower and then, without drying off, lay down and try to take a nap. Instead of napping you may desire to do a quiet activity. It is acceptable to lightly pat yourself dry a little if you are extremely wet.

• Engage in some form of water play activity. One activity is using a kiddie pool and place it in a shady area of your yard. You can either sit in a lawn chair with your feet in the water or submerge yourself in the pool. Either way is a great way to cool your body temperature down which is the ultimate goal. Another option is if you have a nearby creek or pond that is safe to wade or swim in, then do so.

• Avoid heavy meals during this time. Your body must work harder to digest heavy, rich meals, and this raises your temperature. Be considerate to your digestive system by eating light, cool meals like salads and/or fruits.

• Make sure your window screens are in good condition, where applicable. This is important if you need to open your windows for fresh air. The screens are protectors against insects especially when you are trying to sleep. Make sure you have some safeguards built in to help protect you and your home when sleeping.

Hopefully, you may never need to use these safety tips, but as the old saying goes, “It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.” Having good information is always prudent to Keeping an Eye on Safety, especially during this ever-changing climate.